Australia’s first outdoor inspired luxury timepiece 

This automatic wristwatch, designed and owned by Aussies, shows the complexities of the Australian landscape.

Collaborating with local artists, it blends style and ruggedness to become your go-to everyday accessory.

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Connection to the outdoors

Each watch exudes an elegance that pays homage to our homeland and its diverse landscape. 

From the shorelines to the rainforests to the rugged outback, Australia has something special for everyone. 

Elevate your everyday look with one of these time pieces to celebrate the beauty of our cherished home.

No tools required = zero stress

Wearing the same timepiece can become boring and fiddling with strap-changing tools can be a real drag, risky even.

That's where the Terrain comes in. 

Its easy swap straps are perfect for any occasion and don’t require any pesky tools! 

Out of the box, it comes with a stylish stainless steel jubilee bracelet and has optional rubber and NATO straps for a whole range of new looks.


Technical Specs

Made for the elements

The Terrain collection offers an iconic look with versatile protection; it is water resistant, luminescent in the dark, and its shatter and scratch-proof glass make it ideal for any outdoor activity.

Whether it's your day job, hitting the waves, or exploring a new trail, it'll fit in just fine.

Compass bezel

Navigate your way through the outdoors and never worry about losing your way with the Terrain's compass bezel. 

The Terrain will help you find your way, with just three easy steps: 

  1. Take it off your wrist, 
  2. Point the 12-marker at the sun
  3. Find the midpoint between 12 and the hour hand. 

In the Southern Hemisphere? You'll find north.

In the Northern Hemisphere? South awaits—pretty nifty, huh? 

More than just a watch

Our recycled cardboard Terrain box is the perfect sidekick for your watch.

The box is packed with a stunning travel pouch which will keep your watch safe on your next big adventure.

We have also added a custom designed lining that is perfectly paired with the watch—who doesn’t love extra goodies!?

Flaunt them both proudly to express the Aussie spirit! 


Cherish your moment

A watch is more than an accessory. 

It holds memories of moments that matter, and it helps us capture the significance of each one. 

Each watch from the Terrain collection comes equipped with a custom-designed and multipurpose lining which has its own story and connection to the land. 

You can display it as a piece of art, or use it to add an extra flair to your everyday look — the choice is yours.

Get An Exclusive 40% Discount

We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive 40% discount by signing up now!